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Why Choose ApolloAPI?

Most app developers assume they only have one option when it comes to accepting in-app purchases. Apollo has burst onto the scene to give you another option. As a provider of online payments, we support you in accepting direct debit and credit card payments for your in-app purchases and mobile payments. Because security is of the utmost importance, we secure all information via a private blockchain.

Worldwide Payments

Our payment service provider accepts payments worldwide from customers using Visa, MasterCard, and many other payment methods.

Easy Integration

You’ll save both time and resources by implementing our developer-friendly API, giving you the ability to accept payments immediately.

Blockchain Security

With security measures directly integrated, our private blockchain performs regular updates and fraud checks, securing your sales and your customers’ information.

Keep Your Data

Stop paying for your data! With ApolloBCS, you get to keep your customers’ records. Your data is YOURS, and it’s entirely secure.

Blockchain Bolstered Online Payment

ApolloBCS provides easy and secure online payments
using a blockchain-based solution, giving app owners
more power over their money and their data.

The Current Process

  • Basic Analytics
    • Limited number of fields captured
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Forced to purchase advanced analytics costing anywhere up to $150k a year
  • Who owns your data? – NOT YOU!
  • Application stores keep 30%+ of your revenue

The ApolloBCS API Process

  • Extensive Analytics
    • Unlimited fields captured
    • On Demand/Real Time
    • No additional cost
  • Who owns your data? – YOU!
  • An all-inclusive rate of 14.9% revenue plus 5 cents per transaction while staying on current app stores


We have created a drag and drop store front asset available on Github and soon on Unity.  This will allow app developers to do what they do best and that is focus on coding their apps.  This asset is a store front that can be dropped into your app and set up with our payment processing with ApolloAPI powered by Ziftpay.

So what does all this mean?

This means that you’re currently paying for the leads you worked so hard to get. The current process forces you to give up 30% of your hard-earned revenue and then turn around and pay additional costs for your data.

With ApolloBCS, that’s not the case. We charge a fee equal to 14.9% revenue plus a mere 5 cents per transaction. The level of savings here is undeniable.

Not only is the ApolloBCS solution far cheaper than the status quo, you’ll get to keep all of your customers’ records as well. When you run the figures, factoring in the cost of Advanced Analytics you’re currently paying for, you’ll see that the ApolloBCS payment processing solution ends up paying for itself.

Let's Talk About Your Data

It’s free… Seriously.
Tailored data with unlimited custom fields
On-demand and real-time delivery
Omni Sandbox
Personal blockchain key
You own your data!

Protect Your Data

Security is built into our products from the Omni Sandbox to our Blockchain Technology. We have the tools and teams dedicated 24/7 to preventing fraud, hacking, and data breaches. ApolloBCS follows industry requirements that keep your customers’ data safe, so you can avoid expensive fines and fees.

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